Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Update on Rex

Ann Wright asked about Rex after one of my recent posts, so I thought I'd give a little update on our new pet.

We thought he was going to die for a few days. He wouldn't open his eyes, wouldn't eat and was just acting odd. Then two days ago he started shedding his skin. I'm not sure if that had to do with how he was acting or not, but he perked up after his skin sloughed off. We keep him in our window all the time now. I put a new branch in there every day, and spray the branch with water a few times a day because I read that they won't drink out of a container, but drink off of leaves. It is so funny watching him drink off the leaves. He is eating much better too - flies, moths, crickets. One of these days I'll get a video clip of him eating an insect...his tongue is pretty long! I've done a lot to keep this little guy alive, but not for my benefit. I was just thinking about how sad it would be for Drew to lose his new pet. He has wanted one for so long, So, for now it looks like we will be able to keep him.
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  1. Ok, I guess he is cute. But not sure I would want to sleep in the same bedroom with him. I am so glad he is doing better. Sounds like the window and the branches are just what he needed.

  2. We prayed for him - we are glad he is doing better - thanks for the update! He is a cutie! I am so excited for your kids that you have Rex - how fun to watch him and learn all about them - fun fun fun!!

  3. It's amazing what we will do for our kids isn't it?! :) I hope Rex makes it for Drew's sake! Zach had a ladybug one day (I think about a year ago) and was treating it like a pet. He was devastated when it died!

  4. Glad he's doing better. Everyone has different ideas for pets and it's hard when they aren't doing well. I have a sidebar post on my blog that would probably have you just shaking your head. :)