Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fools Day!

Did you all get to play some jokes today? Well, we didn't. I guess I just never stopped to think about the fact that it was April Fools day. Oh well...maybe next year. If you had some funny instances, share then in a comment, so I can get a good laugh!

Ben brought home a watermelon last night, so since we get back from Thursday church so late, I decided that watermelon would make a great dinner. The kids ate almost the entire thing...along with some crackers. But they were satisfied and all I needed to cook was a little something for Ben and our nightwatchman, Michael. So, it gave me a bit of a break. Here is Emma enjoying her watermelon. I did notice that her hair is extra curly today. Hmmmm...humidity...maybe rain is coming? Keep praying!!
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  1. She is too cute! I didn't play any jokes this year, but last year I was very pregnant and Michael put on facebook that I had gone into labor and we were on our way to the hospital! People really did believe him! :)

    Hoping Emma's hair is a sign of rain!

  2. She is so cute. And her hair is extra curly so maybe rain is in the forcast. Lynn did play a April fools joke on me at work. Came in to work real serious and told me that she was mad at me. She had a straight face and I had forgotten it was April fools day. I fell for it for several minutes until she said "April Fools"

  3. I did play a joke on an online person that you probably know. But I cannot say what it is b/c she hasn't seen it yet.

  4. This picture is so sweet. That bright aqua pitcher (I think?) so close to her eyes just makes them pop! I love her little tilted head smile.