Monday, April 5, 2010

Family Day

As you know, Monday is family day. We altered our plans a bit and went out to eat, then shopped in town, and then went to Yeiters house for dinner. It was a full, but very fun day.

Our lunch was great as always...well, the bread was a little dry...but, not too bad for Cameroon. :) We went shopping at several places in Bamenda for some stuff for dinner at Yeiters. We were in the Vatican (our local grocery store - has 3 aisles) and a tall white man walked in. Faith Ann started jumping up and down and yelling, "'re a white man!" haha! We don't see too many of those around, so they kinda stand out! LOL! From there we went to the bank, another store for some different groceries (you can't find everything you need at one store - you have to go to several) and we also hit one of my favorite stores....Manasata, a.k.a. The American Garage Sale store. My treasure for the day...Tupperware! Sure it is used, but I can always use more tupperware in the house. Especially when you have critters crawling through your kitchen cabinets (yes...we have another mouse). So, I need to wash them up and put them to use. And also set some traps! Oh, and back to the tupperware - the beauty of that stuff is that even though it is used, and purchased on the dark continent of Africa, I can still trade it in if it ever cracks, chips or peels!!

Here is a picture of our ride home.Yes, the dust is getting crazy! did threaten rain ALL day and finally at dinner time we got a light sprinkle. While certainly not enough to do anything, it gave me great hope that it actually can still rain in Cameroon!
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  1. Sounds like you had a fun filled day. I am glad. I am thrilled that you got a little rain but most of all a shower. Praise the Lord. We are still praying for rain.