Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The day started out fairly warm. After lunch the biggest storm blew in and it got downright COLD in a hurry. The girls had a blast playing out in the rain. Kate especially. They were freezing to death when all was said and done, but it was worth it. Even now as I type this I'm cold...I'm ready to go snuggle under a warm blanket! It is just one of those kind of days...and I love it!
This virus we have is slowly working it's way through the entire house. Drew is now down with a fever. He's a good sport and I'm thankful for the chewable tylenol that Pastor Lee brought over from Dyer Baptist Church. What a blessing that has been b/c we have gone through a lot of it!
Two ladies came to Bible study tonight. I was giggling at them b/c they were dressed like it was winter. The Cameroonians don't handle cold very well. I think the overall consensus is that rainy season is far better than dry, so nobody is complaining! Beatrice was missing tonight. She comes every week, and her daughter Vanessa also comes sometimes, but Vanessa has been very sick since Saturday and Beatrice was at the hospital with her. They are pretty sure she has malaria. That is one thing we are very blessed to have avoided so far...malaria. The first two years we were here, every time the kids got sick we went and got them tested, but we have since learned that b/c of our elevation, malaria isn't common here. Those that do get it, most likely pick it up while traveling away from Bambili. I'm sure one day we will have to deal with it, but I'm thankful that we haven't had to deal with it yet, especially while the kids are still small.
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  1. Cute picture. Well I guess Kate won't need a bath tonight. Or then again, looking at those mud puddles, maybe she will. LOL