Tuesday, April 13, 2010


10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1...Only 10 more days of school...more or less. Drew will still be doing some math b/c of his delay in division, and Kate will still be doing some spelling, but for the most part in 10 days we will be done. I can't tell you how nice that will be. I can probably get Drew mostly caught up in Math by having him do two lessons, so long as he understands it. If he gets stumped, we will have to slow down. The beauty of homeschooling really. In traditional school, he would have probably been lost at this point.

Ben took a walk with the kids today to pick some mangoes off of our tree. I think he got about 8 big mangoes. Once they ripen I'll make some mango crisp or something fun with them. They kind of taste like peaches when you cook them that way. As you can see by the picture, the gardens have perked back up and we are certainly enjoying the rains. Even now, the wind is blowing...it is cool out. I love rainy season!
Kate is doing even better again today. Her fever was up very slightly before she went to bed...but hopefully that is the last of it. It seems like things hang on sometimes. I'll keep checking her tomorrow, but she was pretty boogery today, a sure sign that she is feeling better LOL
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  1. Mango crisp sounds good. You will have to make some for us when we come. Glad school is about over. Nice break for you as well as the kids.

  2. How great that school is almost wrapped up! Glad Kate is improving too - yep, once the mood is always an indication they're feeling better!

  3. oh I wish we had 10 more days! We have 2 more months or 7 weeks as DD pointed out yesterday!