Saturday, April 10, 2010

No Excuses

No excuses really as to why I haven't blogged the last few days. Thursday the power was out all night...Friday I did a ton of cleaning and was just plain tired. Plus I have a sickie in the house (kate), so that also keeps me busy.
No picture for Thursday...the first day I forgot so far this year. Not too bad really...
My picture from Friday represents all I was able to accomplish with the water we have had... Oh yeah!!...lots and lots of laundry! I spent most of my time doing clothes and cleaning my bedroom. I scrubbed down the windows and underneath the bed...mopped the floor...dusted and cleaned cobwebs. It took me a while, but it looks so great in there. I'm still not finished actually. I can't even begin to tell you the amount of dust on those windows. You remember that dust bowl picture I took a few weeks ago...well, just think 5 months of that. I don't even bother cleaning windows in the dry season. A total waste of time and precious water!

Today I got this cute picture of Emma She's so pretty. The kids had a lot of fun feeding rex today. He is happy and healthy now and back to his normal self. One of these days we will get a good pic of him with his tongue stretched out while getting a fly. It is pretty cool. Kate spent her day in bed...watching movies. She isn't eating much still, but I can tell she is feeling a little better today than yesterday. We will stay home from church tomorrow...but Drew suggested we have our own sunday school here. I thought that was a great I need to decide what to teach them! Have a great Sunday tomorrow as well!!
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  1. Such a cute picture of Emma! And my laundry looks about the same! I have no excuse either! :)