Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tooth Fairy Time

Well, Kate lost another baby tooth today. She was pretty pumped b/c that means the tooth fairy will grace us with her presence tonight. Yippee! And our kids don't get a paper with a measley little 1 dollar on it...their bill has a whopping 500 on it! 500 francs to be exact and it is the equivalent to a dollar, but it sure looks a lot nicer on the paper! haha!

We had another nice rainstorm this afternoon. Today was cool and breezy. The kids kept commenting on how cold they were! They all had their sweatshirts on. I was enjoying it! And another blessing was that we got water came in at around lunch time we still have it! It is a blessing!! The whole house got mopped and we used regular 'ol water!
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  1. They are getting too big and growing up to fast. I am sure she will be itching to get to the store and spend that money.
    We were praising the Lord in church tonight for your rain. What a blessing!!!!