Thursday, April 29, 2010

Picnic season

I guess it is picnic least the kids seem to think so (and YES, we need to mow our lawn! haha.) Today was just one of those days you want to be outside. It was overcast and cool and breezy. We were in the middle of a cloud a chunk of the day and the kids spent all morning outside playing. When it came time for lunch, they decided to haul one of their tables and 4 chairs out into the front yard for a picnic. They were so proud of themselves that they got all that furniture outside by themselves. This pic isn't the greatest...they are making weird faces but it is true to life nonetheless. :D

I didn't blog last night. I have a hard time getting my blog done on date night and by the time Ben gets home and we put the kids to bed, I'm just ready to sit down, eat our dinner and spend time with my hubby. The biggest damper to the whole evening was our sighting of THREE mice. We saw one come in under our front door during devos. We managed to catch that one fairly quickly. Then Ben and I went to our bedroom and saw one run behind our bookshelves...we put sticky pads on either side and finally caught that one. And before I crawled in bed I checked email and I saw one scurry behind a box of tracts in the office!! That last one we still did not catch. I have NEVER had so many mice in my house. But, it seems to be a season or something. The Sanderlins, missionaries about an hour away from us, emailed us and asked us how we catch mice b/c they have a similar problem. Ben said that there are boys all over town selling homemade sticky pads for "arratas" (roll the "r" when you say that - it is pidgin for rat as I'm sure you already guessed). They are all so tiny and really dumb and if you happen to spot them, fairly easy to catch. Because of their size they can sneak in our house any ol' time. We leave our doors open a lot and there is just no getting around it I guess...but it has never been this bad! I'm thinking we need one more cat.
Well it is late and I am heading to bed. It is pouring rain right now and I'm loving the sound and want to fall asleep to it! :)
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  1. That is a really neat picture! There is something about it! Sorry you have more mice!!

  2. This picture is adorable. I can't believe they took that table out there. I guess they really like picnics. You probably do too, it helps keeps the crumbs outside. That will help with ants and mice. LOL