Friday, April 30, 2010

Bloomin' Onion

Look at this massive onion that Ben brought home from town today! I should have taken a picture of the green pepper too. Someone has an extremely productive garden! When we were trying to take the picture Faith Ann kept complaining, "It's too heavy!!"

Ok, back to my mouse saga. As soon as I closed up shop last night...finished my blog post telling you my mouse woes, would you believe that little booger came right out in the middle of the office floor. He scurried right up to the sticky pad I have set out, and rather than running along the wall and getting stuck on it, he ran around it and came out towards me! I was so mad at that thing. So, I'm sitting here watching for it...he runs back under the bookshelf and then I see him try to scurry under the desk...Where My Feet Are! I kept stomping my foot and it would run away, and in about 20 seconds it would come back. I scared it off about 4 times and it was so persistent! The 5th time I grabbed a can of bug spray and fumigated it back. He never came out that way again. I'm not convinced that hurt him though. I think he is still hanging around. I put peanut butter on the sticky pad and hope that will trick him into stepping on it. We will see. It is kind of a fun game for me now. As long as he isn't tearing my kitchen apart he isn't bothering me too much. If he leaves the office I won't be happy... Ben was talking about how funny it would be to just sit there with a shop vac. We could totally suck it right up! He is so bold and comes so close I'm sure we could do it!

Be sure to head over to my digi blog tomorrow if you are interested in digi stuff. ScrapMatters is hosting a blog train and I'm a part of it...The train is huge and everyone has a little freebie to give away. We are also sharing a "moment that matters" in our lives, so I plan to ride on the train and read everyone's special moments. Visit anytime after 9 a.m. est tomorrow!
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  1. OMG Becca!! you are seriously getting so amazing at taking photos!! this shot is gorgeous and that really is one HUGE onion!

  2. Wow!! That would make some great onion rings. Faith looks so cute in this picture. That is definitely a handful for her.