Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday. We prefer to call it Resurrection Sunday to keep our focus on the true meaning of this special day in April...Jesus conquering death! We had a great day of services in both Bambili and Bamenda.

The exciting part was the car ride. Whew! Look how packed we are in the front seat! This is on our way home from Bamenda. I had my two girls, and then Trinity who amazingly stayed fast asleep the entire ride home. Even with the girls elbowing her, and her head smacking on the door b/c of the bumps on our lovely Cameroonian roads. We carried all of the Yeiters girls today because Matt was still in Benakuma. We had a great time of singing and fellowship in our ride to and from town. Oh, and that nice white shirt I have should have seen it when I got home!
The sky threatened rain today, but nothing fell. Yesterday it thundered and we heard that it rained some in Bamenda, but no rain came to Bambili. I think it is close though! Keep praying!
We got water tonight...the last time we had water was last Sunday. So, I guess this is the new pattern. Once it starts really raining, it should be about a month before we have regular running water in our pipes. I can't wait for that day!
It is late...and a shower is calling my name!! Goodnight!
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  1. Couldn't help but notice how dirty Emma's face is. Also, it looks like there is enough dirt on the dashboard to plant a garden. Ha Ha. I can see why you like the rainy season.

  2. And that dash was cleaned with ArmorAll just a few days ago! Gives you an idea of how much dust is floating around. Aren’t you glad you come and visit during the rainy season, Marleen? :)