Saturday, April 3, 2010

London Bridges

Ben got this great shot of the kids playing London Bridges tonight. So cute! They were having so much fun playing with one another. They were wild today, really getting on my nerves with all of their screaming and giggling. But, I didn't say a word, because they were playing SO well together! Truthfully I enjoyed listening to it. It is great when they get along. They usually do get along and play well with one another, but also have their occasional sibling quarrels. All a part of growing up. My brother, Jay, and I used to fight like cats and dogs! But we are really close now, and I hope that is how my kids will be.

I got home from Susan's at about 1:30 and fed the family lunch. Ben kept sending instant messages to me over at Susan's asking if I could hear his stomach growling all the way over there. That man can't survive a day without me. At least here he can't. In the states all he has to do is call Papa Johns! But in Cameroon...the only number to call is "Chez Becca's." The rest of the day I spent folding and putting away all of the laundry that I got done...and doing dishes...and surfing the web some. My kitchen is clean (mostly) and most of my laundry is put away and I'm SO ready for bed. Our favorite church is at it again. They must be having special Easter meetings. So, we will be crankin' up the old fan again! Happy Resurrection Sunday to everyone tomorrow!
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  1. Are you sure the kids are doing a RAIN dance? This is a very cute picture. Glad they were having a good day and getting along.