Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Snack Night

Sunday night is snack night. We come home late from church and end up eating lunch around 3 on a normal Sunday, and so for dinner we have snacks. Usually it is popcorn and a dessert of some kind. Well, you know that last week Kate learned about special camping ideas in her family time activity. Of course we tried the hobo dinner...and it was definitely a keeper. Well, she also learned about hobo desserts, so she begged me to make them, and I told her we'd save the idea for our Sunday snack night. So, tonight we had hobo desserts. Here is a picture of Emma making hers.
You take a banana and cut the peel at the top so that you can peel it back, and then close it back up when your dessert is made. You cut a deep slit in the banana lengthwise and stuff it full of marshmallows and chocolate chips. Then, you wrap it in foil and bake it so all that gooeyness is inside the banana. Definitely not appealing to me. The only way I like a banana is if it is nice and firm, just after ripening...with maybe even a little bit of green still on it. Too ripe and I won't eat it. The cooked, hot, mushy banana kinda grossed me out, but the kids loved it. Top it off with fresh watermelon and it was a meal fit for a King as far as they were concerned. Now, the watermelon was yummy tonight! I've not been impressed with the watermelons here in Cameroon, but this one was a winner! It was so, so sweet. MmmmMmmm! The kids ate a ton and we still have half a melon left to enjoy tomorrow!
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  1. I am glad that the kids enjoyed those. I am with you, no cooked bananas for me. But a fun Sunday night snack for sure.

  2. um. yeah. i am gonna need one of those STAT!! what a great idea.