Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More power problems

The power has been SO bad lately. It goes off early in the evening and then we don't get it again until sometime late the next morning. And me...being the procrastinator that I am, get to around bedtime and realize...Ahhhh, I didn't do my blog post! Of course by that time Ben is ready for bed and shutting the generator down. So...thus my delinquence.(surely I didn't spell that right). And murphy's law is always in effect. Now that I have water to wash my laundry...I lack the power to do it!
Now to explain my picture...Cute Emma is studying the Native American Indians and made a feather head dress for her class today. Isn't she cute? We are scrambling to get school done...since we are at the end of the year...we are cramming lessons in. I know that everything they are doing right now...they will be doing the first couple weeks of next school year anyway. Plus I have all summer to drill any problem areas...which I plan on doing. Drew WILL have his times tables memorized by next year. He is playing his multiplication game faithfully every day and I can tell such a difference. We got it online for is called timezattack. They have a $40 upgrade, but the free version goes through every fact, and while monotonous, it is such a great learning tool. Of course they advertise what the upgrade will do...and Drew was wondering today if we could pay for the upgrade. I thought I'd at least check on it, but when I saw the $40 price tag I said, "Sorry Drew but no way!" :D He is such a good sport too...his reply was..."Well, ok. This one works just as good." He is such a good kid!
Well, it is date night and I just finished putting together my last chicken fajita...dinner is calling me!
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  2. Sorry about your power issues. Hope you had a good date night.