Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Drew loves to read and scarfs up pretty much any book he can get his hands on. Recently he has been begging to read some of our story for family devos, so Ben has been letting him read from time to time. I love listening to him...he makes up different voices for the characters just like his Daddy does. It is hilarious listening to him...he can do a mean Brittish accent! haha!

Kate's fever was back up today...101. So, I made her stay in bed. I think she was feeling better yesterday and just overdid it. With her immune system down, she might just be fighting something else off. Who knows. She didn't complain too much when I banned her to the bedroom and made her watch movies.

Tonight is date night...and I'm making fajitas! We are out of Mozzarella, (happens often time we were without it for a few months!) so I decided to do something Mexican. I'll let you know how it turns out!
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  1. Wow, hate that Kate is feeling under the weather again. She's obviously kinda icky or she would've put up a fight about staying in bed (at least that's how mine is). Hope she gets to feeling better soon!

  2. HA! That is so cute about the accents! We read some books to Aaron that way too, and when we use a British accent he says "Are you talking like Harry Potter?"