Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lazy Sunday

The kids and I stayed home ... Kate is still sick and I figured rather than pass our contagious germs on to everyone we would lay low. We watched a Bible Video and did coloring sheets. Kate is doing much better today. She even got up and got dressed...she has been lazing around in her jammies so I took that as a good sign.

We got rain again today. Not too much, but every little bit is nice. And another day with amazing water pressure. I'm not sure what is going on, and I'm not going to ask either. I will take each day of water as an amazing blessing!
Ben taught my Sunday School class this morning. He then rushed home to drive our church van for Bamenda. Eugene, who normally drives, couldn't get a taxi from Sabga, so wasn't able to make it in time. He said that services went well, and he returned home around 3 p.m.

Our evening was nice as a family. We watched the old Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory...such an odd movie. I made popcorn and lemon bars. Often when I work in the kitchen the kids love to hang out in there with me. Sometimes we listen to music, or books on tape. Tonight Drew was reading for everyone. I love this pic that Ben got of all of them huddled around a book.Well, tomorrow is back to the grind of school. We have 11 lessons left and then we are done...YAY!!! I'm SO excited!! And of course the kids are too. And since there is school tomorrow...I better head to bed! G'night!! more thing, I keep forgetting to tell you all to head over to my digi scrapping blog. I know some of my readers have gone over there and a couple have asked questions that I've recently answered. Today I worked on a tutorial, "How to create your first digital scrapbook page." If you are interested in that, head on over and check it will find a link on the sidebar off to the right. really...goodnight! :)
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  1. Such a cute picture!!! It is so nice when they can entertain themselves or each other. Glad Kate is doing better today and also that you have water. You are right about it being a blessing. One that we often take for granted.

  2. I love the picture! Zach will read to Malorie sometimes now! It's nice! I love the old Willy Wonka movie! It was one of my favorites growing up! :)

  3. I'd love to hear your lemon bar recipe if you think it's a good one! I like mine nice and tart and can never seem to find just the right recipe.