Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ahhhhhhh *sigh*

See that map above...that big pink arrow is pointing to where we live on the continent of Africa. See that dark brown spot on the map? That is rain. Oh yeah...I had a little party tonight I must admit, b/c it wasn't a little sprinkle...it was (actually 'still is' as I type) a nice steady, heavy rain. It threatened literally ALL day long. Finally at almost 7 pm it started and it is now 9:45 and still coming down! Yay! I can't even tell you how wonderful the sound is. I don't ever remember appreciating rain as much as I do this year. It is glorious!

Our day went well. The kids did well in school, but are itching to be finished. Drew will finish, but will probably have a week of math after all is said and done to finish up. He is really struggling and so this week, we are taking a break from lessons and we are concentrating on his times tables. He doesn't know them, and so for one hour every day I'm going to sit and work with him one on one. We recited the times table chart at the beginning and ending of the hour. We drilled the 2's and 3's with flash cards for most of the hour and then he took a timed test. I told him when he can finally finish the timed test in under 2 minutes with a perfect score...he will get a special prize. Then this afternoon when he was finished with all of his other subjects, I made him dig out the flash cards again, and he went through the 2's and got them all right. So...I thought that was a good start. It is just memorization, and surely a week of constant repetition will totally help him. His videos drill them, but he must be sleeping through that part. I just need to focus some one on one time, so I know he is really concentrating on it.

In ladies Bible study today we started a new topic discussing cults and false religions. I know the ladies enjoyed it and I certainly need to study it myself. I need to know scripture well enough to support what I believe when I'm asked.

Another blessing tonight...water. 3 nights in a row now! I'm surprised! So, I'm off to do a load of laundry and to enjoy a shower, hopefully. We had water last night too, but once it filled our reserve tank, it died out. We still had it, but not enough to come out of the shower. So, I filled all the buckets that I could, in order to save water in case we were without it for another week. Every little bit helps!

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  1. Yay for rain!!! That is awesome!! Hope it keeps coming down! :)

  2. I am so thankful you got rain. I know it has been a very long dry season for you. And water too. What more could you ask for. Wow. It truly was a good day.