Saturday, May 1, 2010


Well, my day was fun...I got out of the house for a little while with Susan and we went into Bamenda to shop for all the food we need for family camp. It was SO nice to get away, chat, laugh, and shop. I isn't the same as if we'd gone to Wal-Mart together, but we did enjoy our morning. We decided to stop for some lunch before we made it home. On the ride there we were talking about how we hoped they had cold cokes to drink. That chat developed into how much we both love fountain drinks and then on to how we'd be choosing taco bell, or red robin, or goodness...we'd even stoop to McDonalds for lunch if we were in America!! haha!! Our lunch turned out yummy and they did have one cold coke...Susan was sweet enough to let me have it while she had the cold Djino (a soft drink made in Cameroon.) All in all it was a good morning and we hope and pray we have all the proper food amounts for family camp coming up this next week!

Before we left for town Susan found this adorable frog in our yard somewhere. The kids were so excited about it and played with it for a while after we left. We got a couple pics of it of course. This one was the clearest. We still haven't caught our mouse, but I was relieved to hear that Yeiters had three mice in their parlour last night. So, that confirms that this truly is just a "season" and not an infestation! :D Thankfully Patches caught a big momma and left it in our least she is doing her part. These teeny things are just hard to get I suppose.
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