Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Scream You Scream!

We talked about ice cream on Monday...what a great treat that would be. But, I realized that our ice cream maker bowl wasn't frozen. So I put it in the freeze as soon as we got home yesterday and then first thing this morning took the time to make the really nice ice cream mix...with eggs and gelatin etc...It turned out yummy...very rich! The kids enjoyed it!!I spent most of the morning (aside from ice cream making) working on a scrapbook page with Kate and Drew. I showed them the kit that I needed to create with and they overflowed with ideas for me. We had photo shoots and we brainstormed together about how to put the page together. It turned out so fun...and even more fun for me b/c my kids were helping me with it. I'll share the page on Friday when the kit releases, but the kids are pretty proud of how it turned out!

I also had ladies Bible study this afternoon. We are discussing cults and false religions and I know it is really helping them to have confidence in sharing the gospel...they come into contact with so many friends that differ in ideas and doctrines. We study what the Bible says...and then how to share it. One can argue and argue what they believe...but I try to teach my ladies that quoting scripture is what will change. We can talk and talk all over ourselves, but it is God's Word that will do any changing that needs to be done. We spend a lot of time looking up verses.

I came home after Bible study and put together chicken pizzas. We haven't had those in a long time. It was a nice treat and of course topping it off with homemade ice cream was the way to go! haha!
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  1. I'm hungry reading this!! Yummy!! :)

  2. That ice cream sure looks good. What a cutie in this picture. Faith is growing up to quick.