Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I am getting really lazy about this blog...hope you all don't mind. After such a busy week this past week, I haven't wanted to do much of anything! And that includes blogging! lol!

Before I write more, I'll warn you that there will be no pictures this post. I'll get some up tomorrow, but tonight I'll just give a brief update of life.

We spent some time at Yeiters on Saturday. Their water heater went out and so Ben helped Matt replace the heating element. Susan and I fed the kids lunch and chatted for a bit. Then we played the Wii before we left. We came home around 3:30 and I made everyone nap. Drew and Kate just rested. I actually let them read books, but I wanted everyone to be still and rest b/c I knew we were headed into another busy Sunday.

Today was a great day. Sundays are busy and full, but definitely a blessing. Matt preached a great message from Acts. The challenge was to give God the glory for everything. I was convicted to be sure to give God the glory for everything in my life. If someone compliments me on anything...Praise God should be my response. Anything I have, from my possessions to my talents, belong to God.

We got home and ended up eating our lunch at around 4:30. That is pretty typical for Sunday. So, popcorn was on the menu for later in the evening. The kids watched Swiss Family Robinson, I scrapped, and Ben went to some neighbors to go through their John and Romans studies. All 4 of them professed Christ. So, that was definitely a great ending to a great day!

My kids all made me special Mother's day things while at family camp this last week, so they were excited to give them to me. We had a small problem with our water tank. A big plant that had grown almost as tall as the water tower itself, uprooted tonight and severed the pipe coming out of our reserve tank. I heard a big bang and then a lot of water. So, in about an hours time it completely drained. There was nothing I could do about it. It will have to be repaired tomorrow. I filled some extra buckets tonight in anticipation of not having any water in the morning.

I guess that is about it for info! :D I'm tired and ready to snuggle under my warm blanket. It is windy and chilly tonight and I love it! It rained most of this evening and really cooled things down. I'm so thankful for the rain actually. We really haven't been getting enough of it!

Tomorrow is another busy but fun day. We will be getting together with the Bachmans again. They leave on Wed. to head back up to the Northern part of Cameroon, so this will be the last time we see them until next May! Our kids are excited to spend the afternoon with them!
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