Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jump for Joy! honest. Doesn't that picture just want to make you smile or laugh! I love it!! I do portrait sessions with my own kids on a regular basis and that is what I did today after church. I wanted to get all the girls, but the big girls were playing a game and weren't including Faith Ann very well, so I said, "Want Mommy to take some pictures of you?" She loves having her picture taken, so she was game. I got some really cute ones and actually did a page with them We had fun. I finally got the big girls to come out and got some pictures of all of them, but that photo shoot was a dud. Oh win some and you lose some.

Church was great today. We had great groups in both churches and had wonderful services. Today was our Lord's Supper Sunday, so that is always a special time. Matt preached in the book of Acts again today and his closing application was a real challenge to me. Our family memorizes scripture on a weekly basis, but I need to be more actively memorizing scripture. Each year for our family conference we choose a passage as a group and memorize it. It is usually about 3 chapters total and not everyone memorizes it. Normally it is the Needham family, some of the Wright family and a handful of others. It is different every year. However, I've never done it. This next year the passage everyone decided on, is the sermon on the Mount in Matt. chapters 5-7. I've been thinking about memorizing it and after today's sermon I've decided that I'm definitley going to do it. I'm going to work on it with Drew...He is bright and memorizes well and I think he would enjoy doing it with me. He doesn't know it yet! haha! But I know he won't mind. I have a whole year, basically, to memorize 3 chapters. I know I can accomplish it if I just commit.

Well, after great services, we came home and I made some chicken salad sandwiches and we played games (and took pictures.) Now we are about to have some pudding for dessert (a request of Emma) and then baths for everyone as the water came in early today (yay!) and then bed!
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  1. You are right about this picture Becca. It is adorable and it truly did make me smile. She is adorable for sure.

  2. LOVE the picture. We will be in Cameroon next year for family camp - I had been thinking I should find out what the passage is for the year and work on it with Nick - now I know - and now you know - so I guess I better get working on it! You are an encouragement to me - I enjoy your blog so much! I am so encouraged by the missionary ladies in Cameroon - I think "how wonderful to have a group to work with that all want to do right" - how blessed you all are to have each other - for laughs, encouragement, fellowship and friendship! I am "jealous"!

  3. she is so beautiful! and take all of the photos while they want you to. our kids don't anymore.