Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Here are two of my sweethearts.
I needed a couple pics for a new kit coming I did a photo shoot. After the events of the day, these hearts aren't really as sweet as they appear to be. We have a liar in our midst and I don't know if we will find out who it is. Such a silly little lie...I asked a basic question...I guess they thought they'd be in trouble if they confessed to it, and so everyone said, "It wasn't me!" The kids sat with their hands folded for quite some time. They wrote out Bible verses on lying (I figured it wouldn't hurt all of them to learn a verse or to work on some handwriting skills), they did dishes, cleaned their toy room, their bedrooms. A lot of work got done, but still no confession.

We prayed with them tonight and stressed to them that more important than disappointing their mom or dad, was the fact that one of them had sinned against and disappointed God. While Mom and Dad may never find out who the liar is, God knows and they will be held accountable for their sin.

Goodness...just when I thought my kids were perfect, they have to go and do something like this! :D Obviously I'm kidding. It just reminds me of how I need to pray for my kiddos. They are little sinners, as am I, and I just need to faithfully pray that they will some day serve Him and truly give their lives to Him.

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  1. What a great picture Becca. You are great at photography. Of course I think you must be mistaken. I know my grandbabies are perfect. Just kidding. Part of growing and teaching.

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