Sunday, May 2, 2010


This was such a nice surprise when I got up this morning:We also got an email from the Sanderlins...missionaries about an hour from us...they managed to catch 4! I must say though, theirs were much bigger than what we caught!

I stayed home from church with a couple sick kiddos. I think we are finally over the hump and am looking forward to going to church next week! :D It has been a while. That is one thing about having more than one child...when one gets sick, it almost inevitably makes its way through all of them.

This week is going to be a busy one and I might not get to blog every day. We are spending our days up in Sabga for our annual missionary family conference. Susan and I are in charge of the meals as well, so that is definitely going to keep me busy. I definitely look forward to this every year. It is so nice to fellowship with other Americans as well and the kids LOVE it b/c they get to play with a ton of their American friends. So...I might be a little MIA, but I'll try my best to post!
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  1. I will be praying for a special week - I know this week is a huge time of refreshment for you all in Cameroon! We always pray for this week and for deep refreshement and God moving in the meetings! Have a wonderful time and enjoy spending special time with Susan and cooking and be a blessing to all! Next year I will be there to help - if I can be a help to you all - we are looking so forward to that! Have a wonderfully blessed week - I will pray for you and Susan often throughout the day and for your big job of doing the meals for that big group:) Enjoy ever moment!