Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday was a busy day...a crazy day actually. Eugene who drives the bus was sick with malaria, so Ben had to drive. Yeiters car wouldn't start and so Ben had to go and jump it...causing our Bambili service to start late. I drove our car to Bambili, planning to drive it to town since Ben was driving the bus, but it was acting funny and had a low tire, so I was hesitant to drive it all the way to town. I ended up riding the bus with Ben while Matt and Susan brought our kids to Bamenda after our Bambili service. Then our whole family took the bus home and dropped everyone off. The kids LOVED that. They always want to ride that bus! And here is Ben's namesake, Ben :D He was on the bus too. His parents send him every week.
Monday as you know is family day. The day started early for Ben and Drew. Ben taught moral instruction and then took Drew to the eye clinic.Continue to pray for his eyes. His pressure was about the same, but we'd like to see it lower. His eye exam was good and thank God the pressure isn't up. After they came home we headed to town. We had fun spending time together while shopping. Emma had some tooth fairy money to spend and we also wanted to price ceiling fans for our church in Bamenda. It has been so hot in there on Sundays and everyone was talking about it this past week in particular. We thought about getting a couple fans to keep air moving. It will help everyone to stay awake too. I know people are struggling when they get up and stand during the service. Anyway, after we shopped in town we headed back to our restaurant and had burgers. We brought our chameleon with us b/c there are always an abundance of flies there. lol! The owner and his family were in awe that we would carry that thing around. They are petrified of chameleons. They'd chase down a snake or a rat mole (crazy!) but ask them to hold a chameleon and they will run the opposite direction. We finally convinced our neighbor, Jude, that they were harmless and he has held them before.

Our evening as a family was relaxing. The kids played outside with the kitty, played a game with their daddy, watched a cartoon, and Drew played his times table game. We ended our day with a great time of family devotions!
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  1. Ben's namesake is adorable. You just want to squeeze him. Glad to know that Drew's eyes are doing ok.