Friday, May 14, 2010

Rain and more Rain

Today was the first day of our real rainy season that it rained a ton. We have had some big thunderstorms, and short bursts of rain here and there, but not the day long rains that I enjoy from time to time. Well, today was one of those days. It just kept raining. I enjoyed every bit of it.

I talked to my brother on my yahoo messenger for quite some time today. He is a really good photographer and knows his way around a digital slr, so I was asking him for some tips. He tried to explain aperature to me...and I think I got it (Thanks Jay!) I went outside after we talked and played around with my camera a bit, changing the aperature and seeing what it would do. I caught this neat kind of sums up my day too...rain :D
I thought it looked a little artsy lol! I bought a book today called "understanding exposure" and can't wait to get it. It has great reviews and I'm hoping it will help me develop my photography skills a bit. I'm not going to be obsessed with this hobby, but it isn't like we can hop on over to JC Penney for a professional family portrait either. So...I'd like to learn to better my photography skills. Good photographs will make for a captivating furlough presentation too :) We used some stock photos in our presentation the last time we were home and they really added a lot.

Yeiters came for dinner tonight and I made some stromboli. The kids enjoyed playing together and the adults enjoyed visiting. Poor Drew fell asleep the entire last hour they were here. I'm guessing he was pretty tired! And I'm pretty tired off to bed!
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  1. Oh, what talent. Great picture Becca. Sounds like Drew has had way to much fun lately. Glad you had good fellowship with the Yeiters.