Monday, May 31, 2010

Busy Day!

It was a busy family day at the Sinclair house. It started out with a funeral - for our kitty, Whiskers. Ben decided to bury him (we couldn't do it before today b/c he was decomposing and covered with flies...I know, I know...TMI). We had a moment of silence and the kids took it all in stride. We are already talking about what our next kitty might look like. Yeiters cat is maybe we will get one from sprinkles batch.

After the funeral we jumped into painting the parlor. Ben and Drew painted...
and I washed windows. Now, when I say I washed windows, you have to see what I mean by windows. There are another set of three to the right of the double wooden doors as well. I know this pic is a bit crazy...I just tried to put two of them together so you could see how awesome our Parlour is! But, the downside is all the windows to clean. Ech of those frames has about 20 individual panes of glass, that are on pull a handle to open them up, and then when they close, they overlap each other. You can't really completely seal the windows. So I had to wash each individual pane of glass. And boy did it need to be done! Remember that harmatan we had not too far back...those panes were covered with dirt. Oh and lots of spiders! :D

So yeah...that pretty much took me ALL DAY. I did paint a bit too. We also took a break to go to our restaurant. :D

Another quick event in our family. I won't post a pic of it, but I will tell you about it. Our littlest, Faith Ann, poor girl. She's had all the hard knocks it seems. It is always something. Well, she recently got a jigger in her toe. Google jigger flea, and you will see what I'm talking about. We've heard of them, but have never gotten them until now. She had a thing under her foot, in the crease of her big toe. We worked on that thing in the dark, digging and poking and prodding and squeezing. We later learned that squeezing is what you DON'T want to do. Ahhh...poor Faith Ann has dumb parents! It is a sand flea, that burrows in your skin, usually the foot, and then lays it's eggs. You develop a round callous like spot that has a white halo around it and is inflamed and has a dark center. The center is the flea, and the white halo is the egg sac. You are supposed to excise it WITHOUT rupturing it! Well...we most certainly ruptured it. I won't even go into how gross it was...I'm pretty strong stomached and it grossed me OUT! We did all we could do and noticed a big empty hole in that spot where we'd worked on it. We figured we'd gotten everything out. We loaded it up with neosporin and covered it up. Today it was driving her crazy...itching. That is what happens, it itches and hurts all at the same time. She was just crying and crying and I sat there and just scratched her toe for like 30 minutes! I finally called Carrie Wright, a friend in Foumban Cameroon that is a nurse and has excised tons of jiggers. She told me that even though we'd ruptured the egg sac, if we put kerosene on the wound it would kill any remaining eggs. So, that is what we did as soon as we got home. And then loaded it with neosporin again. It was still bugging her tonight and I'm a bit concerned. Just pray she doesn't get any infection and that any remaining eggs don't hatch and re-burrow in her foot somewhere else. that I've thoroughly grossed you out...I'll close. :) This blog is meant to be very you know what happens in the lives of some of your missionaries. You definitely got a clear picture today! haha! If anything you know how to pray for us better!
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  1. WOW- just got back from our family reunion - and I sure wish I had checked my computer while we were gone - your family has been through it! I will be praying for safety for your pastor. And for the poor toe - how gross and I feel terrible for her!! And poor kitty!! That snail looked as big as the kitty! I will be praying for you - we lost our dog a few months back and Nick really didn't recover until we got a new one - such a big concept for little ones!

  2. Wow! I know you have a love/hate relationship with all those windows! :) It is beautiful though!! Poor Faith Ann! I will be praying for her!

  3. I'm so sorry for Faith Ann! I will be praying that she gets sleep and that there's no infection. We live and learn, don't we? I'm sorry you had to learn the hard way, but now you know what to do w those fleas! These windows are so beautiful! Good work w all the cleaning and painting! amazing... Pastor and Julie are visiting? How exciting!!!

  4. aww poor little Faith Ann! i hope everything gets better with her soon!

  5. What a little worker Drew is. He loves to paint with his dad. I love those windows. It is like being at a luxury resort while sitting in your parlor. The mountains and all the beautiful scenery. I guess I wouldn't like cleaning them though.