Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Readers are Leaders

Today is ladies Bible Study day. I've been bringing Kate and Emma with me, alternately. If I bring them together, they are too much of a distraction. So, since Emma came last week, today was Kate's turn. She brought a bunch of books with her. I'm loving that she loves reading! I'm an avid reader, so I really want my kids to have a love of books. So far so good. :D

I brought my camera with me today so I could get some pictures of the ladies to post on my blog tonight. Wouldn't you know that of all days, today is the day that all the ladies decide NOT to come to Bible Study? I'm not sure what held everyone up. It is the end of school and everyone is pretty busy with exams etc... Maybe that is why. But while I was waiting, I was playing with my camera that I'd brought. I just kept taking tons of pics of Kate reading. Here she is telling me all about Amelia Badelia

I also ran one of my new My4Hens action on it - Pixie dust. Isn't it pretty! I love that action! All actions aside...Isn't SHE pretty? I think so :)

The parlour is done! Yay! Ben worked diligently ALL day today to finish up the tedious job of trim and it looks fabulous! Amazingly there are already new strings of spider webs all along the edges of our ceiling. They are fast!

Faith Ann's foot seems a bit better today. We doused it in kerosene again and loaded it with neosporin. She didn't complain of it itching at all today, so I think that is a good sign. Hopefully we killed everything in there. And I just pray that is the last time we ever see a jigger again!!

Tomorrow I will do the final bit of cleaning that I can before my Pastor and his wife come to visit. Rosemary is coming down to spend Thursday and Friday at our house and watch the kids while Ben and I travel to Douala. It is our anniversary on Sat. so we thought it would be fun to make the trip - just the two of us. We figured if we left a little early we could get a special meal together. There is a great restaurant in Douala that sells pizza and hand dipped ice cream! I also want to do some shopping. We haven't had mozzarella in over a month! :( Boy will it be a treat when we can find it again! I'm hoping they have it in Douala at least. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the trip with just my hubby, and our kids are looking forward to their time with Rosemary! They love her!

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  1. Yes, she is beautiful. I am a little biased though. I am so glad she loves to read. It opens up a whole new world to them.

  2. She is beautiful! What was the setting in that you used? Photoshop? Glad Faith's foot is better! Have a great time with just Ben!

  3. She is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I've tried to find the My4Hens Pixie Dust action but I've had no luck :( Was it part of a group of actions????? Do you remember which group it may have been?????? I love the way your photo came out and I would love to purchase that action. But, I've been on the My4Hens site and I've had no luck:(