Thursday, June 24, 2010

Making Friends

This adorable goat was tied up in our church property during Thurs. prayer meeting. We see them everywhere...and in the rainy season people tie them up in grassy areas to graze. In the dry season they roam free as grass is harder to come by. We once had a mama goat and her babies living on our front porch for a while. I guess they felt comfortable there. :D This particular goat was pretty easy going and the kids had fun feeding him a package of saltine crackers that they happened to have.

Services went well. Our attendance is down during summer months. The students are gone for the holidays, and we also have Camp Joy counselor training week, and a couple of our people are involved in that too. I really enjoyed the ladies prayer time in spite of the low numbers. I got to know Margaret and Isabelle quite a bit better tonight. I never really knew much about them. They began attending not too long ago. I always enjoy praying with the ladies and enjoyed the bit of fellowship afterward as well.
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  1. Leave it to Kate to be right out there. I think she is fearless. I am glad that you got to know those ladies at prayer meeting better. Sometimes smaller groups are better.