Tuesday, June 22, 2010

more snail tales :D

I already wrote a few weeks ago how our kids love to hunt snails. In fact that huge one we found that day is still hanging around in our courtyard. We have lots of plants and moss growing on the little sidewalks in the garden area in there, so that thing has been thriving in that place. A couple times I have walked outside to check on laundry or something, and almost stepped on the thing! Well anyway, we go from one extreme to the other I guess, because check out this itty bitty one that Kate found today:
Feel free to click on the image for a little larger view, otherwise it is pretty hard to see! ;D The kids were pretty excited about it. I can't believe that Kate and her daddy actually found it! It is so tiny!
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  1. What a cute little snail. Great science lesson for the kids. You never lack for things to find around there.