Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Green with Envy

Meet Emerald:The prettiest chameleon I have ever seen. He belongs to the Needham's, but the Yeiters are babysitting him while they are in the states. I wish my camera could really capture the true coloring of this chameleon. Just amazing. And he can go from bright green and torqouise (sp?) to near black in a matter of seconds really. It is amazing. I love Rex...but I sure wish he had the same coloring. Hey...maybe Rex is really a female?? I have no way of knowing. I have always heard that in nature the male is usually the most colorful, so if that is the case with chameleons, then Emerald is definitely a male.

Yeiters came over to spend the night again, and so they brought their chameleons with them (they have 2 right now). The kids enjoyed another day together and it was really a lot of fun. Matt is out of town, and Susan is without internet, so we spent most of the day online Christmas shopping for our kids. We both got a lot accomplished. We had planned to do some scrapping together, but got engrossed in shopping and never even opened photoshop. We really enjoyed our fellowship together!
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  1. So glad that you and Susan had some time together. If we aren't careful our lives get so busy that we don't spend time fellowshipping. It is much needed girl time for sure. What better way than to shop online. Especially since you can't go to the mall. Ha Ha Wow, Emerald really is a pretty chameleon. But Rex is nice too.

  2. Wow Becca, that coloring is just beautiful!