Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Visitors

Fred Kusik (I really hope that is how he spells his last name) has expressed interest in coming to Cameroon as a missionary. He's corresponded with both Yeiters and us and finally made plans to come out. He decided to come before the birth of his first baby. Well, he got to the airport only to find out that his flights were cancelled b/c of that icelandic volcanic ash that was a problem at that time. He finally rescheduled and was here to preach for our services today. Matt has been taking him all over the place to get a very quick glimpse of the country. It is definitely a whirlwind trip. He is only here for a week, but maybe we will have a future missionary family coming to Cameroon in the not too distant future!
Directly after church we headed over to Yeiters house and spent the afternoon and evening with them. We had a lot of fun. The guys sat around yacking...The kids played so well together...and Susan and I played Mario Cart!
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  1. So exciting that there are young couples desiring to go to the mission field. I am also glad that you had another reason to fellowship.