Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I know I've been a bit MIA...We've been pretty busy with Pastor and Julie here. Last night we sat up and talked pretty the dark! The power had gone out and we all just sat there and chatted. I ended up falling asleep sitting there on the couch! I have been getting to bed SO late and it was catching up to me. I also realize that my posts are out of order! There have been a couple days that I just didn't even get a picture (ahhhhh!), but I know that Pastor or Julie took one. So, when I get one from them, I'll make a post for that day. I'm still kicking myself that I didn't bring my camera to ladies Bible study yesterday!

We have really been enjoying our visit with Pastor and Julie. They have been good sports about everything. First of all they carried 150 lbs. of luggage for us. We feel guilty...they say it was fun. We are taking them at their word. :D Next, we have been having water issues. In fact we have been having issues for a while and it has been extremely frustrating for me. It wears on me...but it wears on me even more when we have company. I think they've gotten only one hot shower since they've been here. Pastor has been taking cold showers, and Julie bucket baths. I hate that. We finally got water for two days and now it is gone again. Can you sense my frustration?? Maybe not...should I type in all caps with a ton of exclamation points? Will it make me feel better if I do?? Probably not. Well, we talked about contentment at our ladies Bible study yesterday. I suppose it is about time for me to put it into action. :D

My mom asked me the other day about Rex. Since he is the only pet we have right now *sniff sniff* I suppose I should give you an update about him. He is doing well. There isn't much more to tell. :) He eats and is thriving and enjoys living in our window. Today he ate a ton of food - even one huge fat, juicy spider! Ewww! I was holding him when he ate it, and I closed my eyes and cringed. Sometimes he spits food out, and I was so afraid he'd spit that spider out on my hand! But, thankfully he didn't. lol! We have come up with a new system for giving him a drink too. Normally chameleons drink the water droplets off of leaves and branches. We used to spray the leaves and stuff, but he didn't seem to be getting enough. So, our new strategy is to just pour a small puddle of water on the table and he walks right to it and lays his head down and sucks it in. Here he is in action:
Isn't that funny? He sucks his belly in really skinny too. It is odd.

Well, it is late and I need to get to bed. Hopefully I can dig some of those other pictures out tomorrow and catch up on some of my posts!

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  1. I am not quite sure about Rex. He is kind of cute in a picture but I am not sure if I would want him crawling on me. Sorry about the water. I am sure it is extremely frustrating for you. Remember,patience is a virtue.