Saturday, June 12, 2010

Graduation Day

Today was pretty full. The Fundamental Bible Institute had their graduation, so our day started early. We drove the church bus and picked up a load of church people at three corners at 9:30ish (we were on African time lol). We headed up to Sabga and arrived well after 10, but since they were also on African time the ceremony hadn't started yet. I can't even begin to tell you how packed that place was, but the graduation was well organized and turned out to be a wonderful event. I got a picture of Eugene there with his cap and gown. I love the home-made graduation caps. Pastor is out of focus, but he preached the message for the graduation. After the ceremony we went to all the homes of the graduates and ate a lot of food. Pastor and Julie were troupers and tried a little bit of everything for the most part. My girls were there to eat anything that the rest of us wouldn't eat. Kate in particular is my best eater. I say that as images of fish head are floating through my mind. Yes, she ate those too.
We finally got back home at around 4 and we were all pretty tired. I didn't do too much for dinner. I made omelets for pastor and Julie and the kids had some bacon and crackers and cheese. But we had pretty much had our fill of food for the day. Everywhere we went we were fed! :) That is the African way!
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  1. Thank you for sharing! So wonderful to see these men accomplishing this and going on to service God! We love the Cameroon people so much - they are part of our family for sure - thanks for letting us share in that! How is the "chitter" or whatever that bug was called that got into your little ones toe! I have thought and prayed for her and you so much over that - I think that would be the WORST! Oh it gives me the shutters just thinking of it!

  2. I bet this was an amazing day for you. It is so exciting to see this and was thrilled that Pastor could preach to these young men. I bet the open houses were fun. I will be sure to take Kate with me if I have to go somewhere to eat. LOL