Saturday, June 19, 2010

Go Cameroon!

If anyone is a soccer fan (or football fan) you know that the world cup is going on right now. Cameroonians as a whole are serious football fans. Michael, our nightwatchman, borrowed this huge tv so he could watch the games. Cameroon played tonight, so Ben wanted to watch a bit. Thanks to me he missed the first (and only) goal that Cameroon scored (by Eto). Thank goodness for replays! :D
Here they are engrossed in the game. Sadly Cameroon lost. The country is in a state of mourning tonight as their football team has to pack their bags and head home.
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  1. Sorry Cameroon lost. I know they are all dissappointed. Great picture of Ben and Michael.

  2. Ha ha! WORLD CUP - are you kidding me?!? I am in Brazil for the cup where soccer suddenly becomes everything during the Cup - it is more than their religion; right now it's their life!
    We are SO hoping to win this year and get our sixth cup :-)