Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jigger Update

Recently one of my readers asked for an update regarding Faith Ann's toe. For a while we weren't sure what was happening...we even thought that some remaining jigger eggs had rehatched, but I have been faithfully cleaning it and applying neosporin. Finally the skin started peeling off and this is how it now looks: If you look you can see the hole where the jigger was imbedded. Ewww! But, it looks good so far and from what I can tell, we shouldn't have any jigger babies on our hands. lol.

Ben is currently in Douala and I'm home with the kids. Pastor and Julie left today and are headed to Zurich for a couple days and then finally to Chattanooga. We so enjoyed our visit with them and all our kids were sad to see them go. Especially Faith Ann...she calls Julie, Nana, just like Julie's grandkids do. When we were home, it was Julie who was so good with Faith and helped her to adjust to the church nursery. Up until that point, Faith had never really been separated from me. I was ready to throw her in the nursery, but Faith wasn't ready to be apart from me. Julie helped with that transition and Faith got really close to her. She is best buds with Julie's grandson Kent. :D

Another ironic moment of the day was that our water came in. We have struggled with the water ALL week. Pastor and Julie only got 1 hot shower. Now how is that for treating your guests!!! We can't be accused of not trying. Ben spent a lot of time on the phone with the plumber. We got water for about a day and a half, but then it went out again. So, it is a bit funny to me, that the water finally decided to come in about half an hour after our guests left to go home. I keep saying...they sure got to experience life in Cameroon!
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  1. PRAISE THE LORD - Nick and I have been praying for her - we are so glad her little foot is on the mend and those jiggers have moved out :)

  2. I can tell that it was a pretty nasty little sore she had on her foot. I am glad that it is getting better and you now know how to treat those little bugs.