Saturday, June 5, 2010

Accomplishment (Post for June 5)

First of all...Happy Anniversary to me and my hubby on this day! 11! I realize this post is completely out of order...but hopefully when I go in and adjust the date, it will eventually put it all in line. But, my mom has been bugging me to post these pictures, so I didn't want to disappoint her tonight. :D

June 5th was an exciting day for Drew. He finally learned to ride his bike! He still needs a little work on it, but he was cruising all over the yard on this particular Saturday. I was in the bedroom and Ben came in and said, "You need to go check out Drew" I walked outside and was shocked. He finally decided that riding a bike was something he really wanted to learn to do. So, he started practicing all on his own. I never really checked his progress either, I just knew that he was working on it. And then Saturday he was riding all over the yard. He had his occasional spills and stuff, but he did so great! He is pretty pumped and could NOT wait to tell Mimi on the phone as she has been bugging him to learn to ride. So, that is why I had to post the pictures. Here is Drew on his bike, and then you will see the progression of him riding around the yard. (all these pics are for Mimi and bear with me lol!)
Later on in the day we had a ladies meeting. All the sister churches got together again, this time it was at our church in Bambili, Bible Baptist Church. Since Julie is here, I asked her to speak. She did a great job and I know the ladies were so blessed as she shared on the topic of prayer. We had about 40 ladies there and it was such a great time of fellowship. Julie requested that the ladies sing What a Friend We Have in Jesus. I knew that she would be blessed when she heard the ladies here sing it. I can't even express how beautiful it was. They sing it with a second obligato part above the melody line and it just brought tears to my eyes on Saturday. The next ladies meeting, I'm bringing my video camera to record it so I can share it with you all. All that to say the meeting was a success. Even the pidgin speakers said that they understood Julie and it was just a great time of fellowship.

We came home and ended up staying up way too late chatting after dinner! The Andrews are going to be exhasted when this trip is finished, but I hope that they get a blessing out of being here. They certainly are a blessing to us!
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  1. That's my boy. I am so excited to see him ride his bike. He is really doing good. I am so proud of you Drew. I am so glad that the ladies meeting went well with Julie. I had no doubts that Julie would be a tremendous blessing to them. She is such a blessing to us at Calvary as well.