Monday, June 28, 2010


Another fun day with the Yeiters. We have been able to spend a lot of time together lately, and we have certainly enjoyed their company! Our mission today...head to the hospital. The Sanderlins are a new-er missionary couple serving about an hour from us. In fact, they were just at our house on Friday and Saturday. Right after they left, she went into labor. I was planning to go to the hospital with them, to be a patient advocate of sorts, but the timing was odd. It was Saturday night, pretty late in fact. That would mean I'd have to spend the night and also not be there the next day for our busy Sunday. I was disappointed. I mean who doesn't LOVE to see the miracle of a birth!? But, it really did make sense for me not to go. It turns out that she had to stay in the general ward with other new Moms because they didn't have a private room. So I'd have really been stuck. Anway, all that to say, she had a baby girl! And she had it fast too...I didn't mention that, but her labor went super fast! I'm still jealous thinking about it! (just kidding lol!) Anway, Susan had Elena and Elias Sanderlin, and her 4 of course, and we had our 4, and we all piled into our car and headed to Mbingo Baptist Hospital. We tied our record again, 13 people in a 5 passenger car. Of course most of the car was occupied by tiny kids, and they can pretty much squeeze anywhere. And that is what they did. We got stopped just a few yards from the hospital entrance by the safety patrol (I can't remember their official title)...who said that our car was overloaded. Ben explained that our friend "put to birth" (that is how they say it when someone has had a baby) and we were watching her children and visiting them at the hospital. He let us through...not exactly sure what he'd have done anyway...dump a few kids out of the car, on the side of the road b/c it was too full?? haha!

We kind of killed three birds with one stone while we were there. We got to see the baby, and both Autumn and Drew had eye checkups. So, we were there for a while, but we got everything done that we needed to. From there we headed to our hamburger joint. What a sight...three adults with 10 kids - all so close in age. The kids were very well behaved though, and we had an enjoyable meal. Then back to the house for NAPS!! :D

Susan and the kids spent the night, and the Sanderlin kiddos were picked up by Rosemary. It was an eventful day, but we had a great time!
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  1. Not room for too many more in that car. I don't think that you would get away with that many people in the car in the USA. Glad everything went well with the birth. Praise the Lord.

  2. Don and I had a great laugh over this. Is it possible to have too many people in the car? From what we have seen over there- NO would have been the answer? Maybe it was that you didn't have a few hanging on the outside of the car :) he he ha he!