Friday, June 25, 2010


I'm thankful for our internet connection this term. We have had some rough times with it in the past, but thankfully the continent of Africa is becoming more technological. When we first moved here, I rarely spoke to my mom. I think she might have called me once a week, on Saturdays. She found these decent phone cards to use. We also corresponded via email every few days, but Ben had to drive to an internet cafe to get it and to send it. What a pain. Now we have wireless internet in our home. We have two computers online and for the most part it works great. We still have our glitches...but hey, so does Comcast!

One thing I look forward to is my DAILY chat with my mom. I just plug in my headphone/mic combo, and we call computer to computer for free. When we actually need to call a telephone number, we call computer to phone for like .01 cents a minute! It is awesome! The kids are always wanting to talk to Mom, but recently Emma has shyed away from it. She told me that she was "Shy of Mimi." Not sure exactly what that meant, but Drew and I giggled at her and I told her to get over to the chair and put the headphones on and talk to her Mimi! She looked so cute standing there, blowing bubbles while she was talking with my Mom. I'm so glad my camera was sitting right next to me. :D
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  1. I can't believe she is shy of Mimi. I guess we will have to get reaquainted when I come to visit. I am so thankful for our daily calls. I am glad I get to talk to the kids as well.