Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Today was such a great day. I'm so blessed.

We met up at Tom Needham's house this morning for our annual family conference. There are over 60 of us meeting up there and our days are full. We had a session this morning taught by Pastor Craig Scott from Colorado. Carol Loescher taught a ladies session after that. Our noon meal was a success (each meal that passes successfully will be a relief for Susan and I as we are in charge of the cooking.) Our afternoon was full of fellowship, horseback riding, and shopping. :D I went with several ladies to the local pottery/handicraft store. Ben stayed back with the kids while they played with their friends. Another added blessing was all the rain we got today. I just drove away from Sabga tonight feeling so full of blessings! Thank God for fellowship of like-minded friends...thank God for our privilege to sit under the preaching of God's word...I could go on and on.

I took a lot of pictures of the kids riding horses. I didn't get on one myself. My last horseriding experience here in Cameroon lasted several hours and it was enough to hold me for at least 10 years. But the kids didn't want to get off! Faith was a bit afraid and I got this shot of her and her daddyI don't know why I love that picture so much...it is candid for one thing and of course I know the story behind it (Ben is comforting Faith who was a little timid about getting on the horse.) This horse back riding will definitely be a highlight of the week.

It is late and I'm tired so I won't write much more. Hopefully I can update again tomorrow. Thank you to those that are praying for us! Anne your sweet comments meant so much to me. I'll be sure to tell Susan as well!
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  1. What an adorable picture. So sweet that they have matching clothes. This picture of daddy and daughter, is such a reminder of how much our loving Heavenly Father cares about our worries in this world. Glad you are having a great week. I am sure it is very refreshing.

  2. So great to hear an update - I am praying often for you and Susan and so glad the day was a blessing! How wonderful - makes me smile just knowing what a wonderful time you are having! Refreshment, encouragement, God moving and a renewed love and passion for your ministry and what God has planned for you in 2010 - is what I am praying for you and Susan - and all the ladies there. What a wonderful time you are having - I am so excited for you all! As you tell about your day I can see you all in my mind around the Needham home having such a wonderful time!

  3. I prayed for you and Susan a lot today - my day was spent around the house doing a lot of cooking and dishes and I guess that gave me lots of time to pray for you both and the wonderful time I know you are having! I do know you are having a blessed time - I am so happy for you!

  4. Love the picture Becca! So sweet! Hope you are having a great week!