Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I haven't put Kate on the blog in a while, so I thought I should highlight her. She is such a pretty girl. She is definitely my most free spirited and also definitely blonde! She "does" long before she "thinks" and it gets her in trouble a lot.

We had a great day. Ben taught in the morning at the Bible institute. I prepared for ladies Bible study (we are now doing a book study on James) and I also did some CT work. I made quesadillas for lunch while chatting with my Mom on the computer. She was leaving FL. today after having a 10 day vacation...lucky bum! :D

Emma went with me to Bible study and three ladies showed up, thankfully, just before the sky opened up again! We learned about the background to the book of James - author of the book, who it was written to, why it was written...etc. Then we read through the entire book. I also challenged the ladies to memorize chapter three during our summer holiday. When we come back next school year hopefully all of us will know it.

Speaking of scripture memorization, our whole family has decided to take on the challenge of memorizing Matt. 5-7. Well, I suppose it isn't the whole family, but most of us. Ben, Drew, Kate and myself. I was so proud of Kate and Drew! They came out of their bedrooms this morning excited to tell us that they had memorized the first two verses before they got out of bed! They both have their Bibles next to their beds and often we will find them reading in the morning. Sometimes the Bible, and sometimes other books, but this morning it was the Bible. I think that Ben had marked Matt. 5 with a bookmark the night before b/c they were excited to start learning! And they didn't forget! Anyway...it was just a proud moment for me. Seeing initiative like that from my kids to memorize scripture on their own. Praise God! I pray it only continues!
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  1. You are so right about Kate. She is beautiful. I am so glad that the kids are excited about memorizing scripture. Believe me it is much easier at their age then mine. Their brains are like little sponges just wanting to soak up knowledge. I am glad that it is God's word that they want to learn.