Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Return of the Tooth Fairy

Well, the tooth fairy stays pretty busy with my kids here in Bambili. :D Emma lost one of her top front teeth today...which is a pretty big deal. She will have that silly lisp for quite a while. She was super excited and already informed me that she hopes the tooth fairy leaves her a dollar (or 500 cfa here!). It was so loose this morning but we couldn't tug it out. I told her to keep messing with it all day with her try and loosen it up. I wanted it out today. One time Kate had a super loose tooth, and we were in church on a Sunday and one of the ladies sitting behind her stuck her hands in her mouth and pulled her tooth out! Ewwww! I wasn't happy...but of course by that point it is too late. :( Kate was super excited and thankfully she didn't get sick or anything. I really don't want to think about change of subject! haha! Needless to say I wanted Emma's tooth out before church tomorrow! lol! Ben ended up tying floss around it and tugging it out. She came screaming down the hall to inform me! And then of course we took a ton of pictures! I'm sure I'll be scrapping this even some time this week. :D
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  1. what a beautiful picture of Emma! Her hair and eyes and freckles... so so cute! I hadn't thought before about strange ppl putting their hands that have been in strange places into your children's mouths until this post... wow, I'm sure you have to have patience and grace there! thankfully you won't have to worry about that tomorrow! :)

  2. First of all, what a great picture Becca!!! Your photography skills are getting SO good! Second of all, I would have been SO annoyed if someone stuck their finger in my child's mouth!! I am glad her tooth came out today!!

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