Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Birthdays and Babies

This picture of Emma and our kitty cracks me up! Yes...we have a new baby in the house...a baby kitten that is! Look at him! When the afternoon rolls around, our "baby" has to nap, and he loves to be held and will fall asleep right in our arms! The kids are loving it because our cat, Patches, just isn't this lovey. In fact...we haven't seen too much of her since whiskers was brought home. She hasn't been around at all today. I think she is mad at us.
And, did you know that it is Tigger's birthday? Well, it is according to my kids. The parlour is set up with two tables and chairs and boxes, and play plates and cups and a slew of stuffed friends. Tigger is at the head of the table in the seat of honor. He is surrounded by a number of fluffy friends like Elmo and cookie monster, Hello Kitty and Woody and Jessie. Drew and Kate even called all of their friends on the phone to invite them to party. Unfortunately spider man couldn't make it...apparently b/c he isn't Disney...he is Marvel. Well, to humor them, I played along. I wouldn't go as far as making a cake, but I did make brownies in honor of the occasion. I love my imaginative kids!
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  1. How cute is that. They definetly have good imaginations. I can't wait to meet this adorable kitty.

  2. Hi, Becca. My name is Keren. I know a lot of your missionary acquaintances (GFA ones), but stumbled upon you because of you using some photo actions I was also entering mine in. :) If you get a chance, could you send me your e-mail address? Mine is threlfalls AT Thanks!

  3. Oh my goodness, how precious!!! On top of everything, he looks JUST like Avery's Princess - solid black! I'll have to be sure and show this pic to her :)