Saturday, May 22, 2010

3 in 1

Since I've been MIA the last couple of days, I'll play catch up and post 3 days in 1. :D I hope I can remember back that far! haha! I'll start with today and work backwards.

I worked today. I spent the day in the kitchen mostly and got a lot of laundry done and put away. I did dishes...all day long. Kept doing them actually. Still have another batch from dinner that needs doing. Dishes is just one of those NEVER-ENDING jobs here. I always have dirty dishes...and I can't hide them in my dishwasher either. I'm not complaining, just telling you how it is. If you come to visit prepared. lol! You will be washing lots of dishes!! Just ask my Mom and Kathy Whitely. :D Ben headed to town to visit a man in our church who recently lost his mother. He also had to pick up his car that was left at the mechanic, and he decided to take our two older girls. They were so excited! Originally he was going to walk to 3 corners, which would have taken him about 25-30 minutes with the kids, but he finally got a hold of Hillary and so Hillary drove them to corners on his bike. Oh wow...the girls were beyond thrilled!!! Look how cute they are!

Once they reached corners, they got a taxi that took them the rest of the way to town. They finally came back around lunch. The rest of the afternoon was spent in the kitchen some more, preparing pizza for dinner. The kids listened to Patch the Pirate while I worked. That has become more and more of a habit with them. They hang out in the kitchen with me listening to music. I like it. :) We also have a guest tonight, Matthew Krawic, so I was also preparing the guest room for him. He is just staying the weekend to get a taste of our city ministry. He and Ben went visiting before dinner and had the privilege of leading Yves (pronounced EVE) to Christ. So that was a great ending to a great day! I think that I hit all the main points of our day.

On Friday it was rainy and cold. A glorious day! I love days like that. I wore my big bulky sweatshirt all day. It was wonderful! I actually didn't take a picture all day. Before we went to bed, I told Ben that I had to come up with something. Well, I had asked him to cut my hair and so I figured that was pretty much all that was left to get a picture of. That tiny bit of hair is typical of my husband. He doesn't like me to cut my hair...and that is all he would take off. I tried to cut my own hair a few weeks ago. It is SO long...even as he was brushing it last night he was brushing way down my back and I just kept thinking, "Wow, my hair is long!" I have had the hardest time brushing through it every day, it is in such rough shape. One night after I'd showered, and Ben was already asleep, I just got so irritated, I grabbed the scissors, and parted my hair in the middle and brought it to the front and started cutting. Of course that left it super uneven in the back, so Ben had to straighten it out. I'm hoping to have Ellen Doyle cut it more this summer when she come this way to work at camp.

And lastly...Thursday. I don't remember too much about the day, now that I'm trying to think back on it. :) Our church service was VERY low. About 10 minutes before church began it started pouring rain. Well, nobody has a vehicle here, and we live in a little village, so everyone travels on foot wherever they need to go. Nobody was walking in that rain. One girl was almost there already, and she came in pretty wet b/c she got stuck in the rain. But everyone else must not have left their houses yet, b/c Ben pretty much preached to Bernadette and me until the very end when 3 other people trickled in for the prayer time. On the way home Emma sat with Ben because he had left a window open, and the passenger side was very wet. She really wanted to drive, so Ben let her take the wheel and she did a great job steering that car actually! Ben's hand was there, guiding, but I was impressed with how well she did. She loved it of course and I snapped this shot It was the clearest one I could nab. Our roads are SO bumpy!!! Everything else turned out blurry. lol! Now all the other kids are begging for their turn to drive the car. I guess we started something! After the kids went to bed on Thursday I did something super fun...I hosted a speed scrap! At a set time, those who want to participate, log into the chat room at ScrapMatters and the hostess (me!) gives out a set of instructions every 10 minutes, for a total of 7 instructions. You have a total of 2 hours from start to finish to scrap a page with those instructions and if you upload your page within the time limit you get a prize. The prizes are digital, donated by the designers. It is usually an alpha, or a mini kit. Thursday night it was a set of 4 templates. It was a lot of fun...and I really enjoyed it. I had a backup hostess just in case my internet wasn't working, but it worked fine. The power was out, but we were on the generator, so everything worked out great!

Mmmmm, my Queen of the Night is blooming, again. I guess I'll head back to the kitchen to do more dishes and enjoy that wonderful fragrance wafting in my window. :)
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  1. By the looks of Hillary it is freezing over there. I know the girls had a great time. And you are right about the driving, if you start something with one you will get begged by the rest. And one last note, I understand all about the dishes over there. You finish one meal and clean up and it is time to start the next one. But I will have to say that it is much more fun with help in the kitchen.