Monday, May 24, 2010

Fun day with Friends

We were invited to Ndop today, to eat lunch with the Sanderlins. Matthew, who was with us over the weekend, is staying with them, so we needed to get him back. It was a great excuse to spend time with Sam and Abby and see their new house. We had a great time of fellowship. The kids had a blast playing is always fun to play with someone else's toys! Here are the girls with little Elena Sanderlin:
Their house is super cute! They have put a ton of work into it, and have made it very homey. Abby fixed spaghetti for lunch and of course the kids were excited as that is their favorite meal. We spent the afternoon visiting and I also cut Abby's hair. She might not ever want to talk to me again after doing that...but we will see. Haha!! Next time I go home I am asking someone to teach me some hair cutting skills. I really need to know how to cut hair! I have 3 girls and all the missionary ladies out here would really appreciate having someone who knows what they are doing. It is just a skill that would be nice to have. If anyone who reads this blog knows how to cut hair and would be willing to teach me next time I'm home...let me know! :D
Our drive home took just over an hour I think...and it is amazing how much cooler the temperature got as we drove into Bambili. Ndop is quite hot! Poor Abby is pregnant too and has a little furnace constantly burning inside her :D ... so she has fans running frequently, poor thing! Thankfully rainy season is starting to fully develop and with that the temps will start to cool everywhere. As you all in the states move into your summer...we essentially move into our coldest time of the year. July and Aug. are the coldest months for us and we really look forward to them!
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  1. So who has red hair in the Sanderlin family, Mommy or Daddy? This is an adorable picture. Emma is sure to go into modeling someday. What a pose.

  2. If you come up to Northland on your next trip home I would be glad to teach you how to cut hair.