Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Noisy, Busy Day

Oh man...isn't she cute!! I needed some pics for another CT layout I'm working on for a friday product release, so Faith Ann and I had a little photo shoot. She loves having her picture taken!

Today was busy, noisy, and dirty at the Sinclair house. It seems that the 11 day stretch of rain is over until the actual rainy season begins (hopefully by the 15th) and so a big crew of guys came and tore 1/3rd of our roof off. It was a day full of banging, sawing and scraping...and also shattering glass (oops!). But, they managed to get all the new zinc on the part that they tore off, so even if the rains did happen to come, we would stay dry. Tomorrow they are back at it for another portion of the roof. I'll be happy when they are finished, and that broken glass is temporarily covered with a garbage bag and duct tape! The roof is as old as Ben and I are and in bad need of replacement. Our landlady recently sold some property so had the money to replace it. It will be so nice not having to set out buckets to catch the leaks this rainy season.

Another highlight of my day is the fact that Ben came home with a big, noisy, powerful fan, that hopefully will drown out the noise of our crazy Bambui preacher that keeps us up til the crack of dawn EVERY Wednesday night!
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  1. such a beautiful picture of Faith Ann!

  2. She is gorgeous!! And yay for fans!! My kids have them in their rooms! :)

  3. She is so pretty! Hopefully that fan helps you get some sleep :)

  4. What a cutie!!!! I say yay for fans too. I can hardly sleep without one in my room.