Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rainy Season Has Arrived

Well...I'd like to think rainy season has arrived. It sure felt like it today. The sky rumbled and threatened all morning long, and finally it started pouring late afternoon and rained for a couple of hours. It was beautiful! It was so cool out and breezy. Ahhhhh...glorious. As you can see, Kate enjoyed it too!

We started off the day with pancakes. I was up earlier than normal, so thought I'd treat the family to something nicer than cereal. Ben was off running around working on stuff for our landlady (she is doing a lot of repairs on the house) and so the kids pulled chairs into the kitchen and ate pancakes as I scooped them out of the frying pan. We enjoyed ourselves. The kids got a good jump on school and it was a full day of schoolwork. About noon, our landlady came for a visit to check up on all the work being done on the property. She lives about 2 hours away so doesn't come too often. She didn't stay long as she had a luncheon date with another friend nearby. I made lunch for the family and spent the afternoon studying for ladies Bible study while enjoying the sound of rain on my roof. Bible study is at 4 p.m. I waited until the rain stopped which ended up being around 4:30 and headed down to the church with Emma and Kate. As soon as we pulled in and parked, it started pouring again. I knew there would be no Bible study today. Everyone walks here and I knew they wouldn't be walking to church in that pouring rain. I waited until about 5 minutes to 5 and then drove home. We gathered the family together and headed to Yeiters for the evening. She invited all of the missionaries down to her house for a meal. The Needhams had some guests from the states, and Danny and Carrie came in from Foumban for some car repairs. It was a full house, but Susan did a great job cooking a lot of food and we all walked away stuffed.

It was a full day as always here in Cameroon, but we are blessed. I hope your day went well too!
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  1. Love the picture! I hope it keeps raining for you! :)

  2. Don told me about the rain today - I thought of you immediately - Tom said it might just be the begging of the rainy season - I told Don I was praying so - so Becca can have water again :) Don said Susan did a wonderful job and he enjoyed seeing you all again.

  3. I really love that picture. Sounds like a nice day. Hope you get to hear some pitter patter on the roof tonight.

  4. Cute picture of Kate. I am so glad it rained today. Many people praying for you guys.

  5. Becca, I'm not sure you remember me from your Northland days but I found your blog somehow or other & I wanted to say hi (didn't wanna be a 'lurker!') *grin* I've had a great time reading your posts & getting a feel of what your life is like. I will be praying that the rainy season is indeed starting; I'm not sure how good I would be handling the water shortage. It sounds very frustrating. Hang in there!
    I'm going to check out your digiscraping blog, too; it looks like fun!