Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Post for March 30

Things are getting pretty dry around here. Our poor garden is starting to dry up. Ben took the girls for a walk today and snapped some pictures of nature. In the process he got our pathetic farm. I am so ready for rain...I never thought the skies would dry up after all the rain we got. So odd. The dust has settled some, but it is like we are in the middle of the dry season again. Pray...pray for rain.

Our day was normal as usual. I had ladies Bible study at 4. I came home and we ate a delish meal of Italian Beef sandwiches. My sister-in-law gave me the yummy recipe. They were so good! I had to crock-pot the meat for nearly 24 hours for it to be tender enough, but once it was just fell apart. Our beef here is pretty tough. All the cows walk to the meat market, so there isn't too much fat on them and they end up being really tough. I recently bought a meat tenderizer, and between that and cooking the meat so long, it worked perfectly!
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  1. Lifted Cameroon up in prayer tonight at church. I told some people that when they take a shower in the morning, to praise the Lord and to pray for you.

  2. That picture is really striking Becca, seems like you could do an awesome dry season layout with that! The garden really does look parched!

  3. I didn't realize you had turned dry again. Will say a little rain prayer for you!