Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nothin' Like Homemade!

I was trying to come up with fairly easy meal for lunch, so that when Ben and Lee came home from their counseling class it would be ready and good and filling. Sandwiches seemed to be the best choice, but I didn't have bread on hand, so thankfully I thought of it early enough and threw together this yummy crusty french bread. The picture I took is of the bread before it's second rise. When it was all said and done it was nice and big and fluffy...and yummy I might add. The kids made a big deal about how great it was so I think I need to make it more often. And with the beauty of the bread machine I didn't need to do a stitch of kneading...just rolled it out when the machine finished working it's magic!

Well, back to my mouse saga...We finally caught number 5! We'd seen him 2 days ago, but hadn't caught him. This morning Kate announced that he was stuck! Yay!! What a relief that is. Hopefully there are no more!

And back to my dry season saga...We still have dust everywhere and no rain in sight. People were asking prayer for the weather situation at church tonight. They don't want their crops to suffer. It will be a big expense if people have to replant and many can't afford it. Our nightwatchmen said they have about a month. If it doesn't rain within a month they will have to replant, but Lord willing it will rain before that and everything will be ok.

Back to our water water for the last two nights. I was spoiled by my showers and suddenly get grumpy when I can't take them! I need to keep reminding myself that I need to be "content in whatsoever state I am" like the Apostle Paul was.

I feel like our whole life is a saga!! haha!! We always have something exciting to share...some major event...some crazy creature. Well, the life of a missionary is definitely NOT one thing....It is definitely NOT boring!! :)
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  1. You certainly didn't get your cooking skills from your mom. That looks like bread from a bakery. I am glad that you caught that mouse. What a relief. And we will be praying for rain.

  2. Mmmmmm... that bread looks so yummy!! Yay for catching the mouse!! :)