Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Happy, Happy! This is how we greet people on Sunday here in Cameroon. Someone might shake my hand and say "happy Sunday" and I'll respond, "happy, happy!" Kind of funny, but you get the hang of it after a while.

My children's church was full this morning. I know it isn't a ton of kids, but it was fuller than it normally is. Susan's was busting at the seams in Bamenda. She had 40 kids!! We don't have as many kids come in Bambili, but today was a great group and I had fun teaching them about David fleeing from King Saul. They were attentive and involved and I appreciated them answering questions. Sometimes the kids look at me like I'm an alien! lol!
Bamenda was busting at the seams too. I think we had over 70 people there. Each week we memorize a scripture portion as a church. This weeks verse was II Cor. 12:9. It was tough, but a lot of people tried to say it at least. My kids really struggled to get the verse down this week. Drew was the only one who could quote it. Emma raised her hand and started it, but Ben just called out for her to sit down b/c we knew she couldn't quote it. A few minutes later I see Kate's hand shoot up. She was in the front and Ben and I were in the back. I just looked at Ben...I knew she couldn't quote the verse either. Well, she looks down at her lap and then starts quoting the verse word perfectly. It was a little odd though...she was talking kind of funny and I suddenly realized that She Was Reading It!!! That little stinker sat there while everyone else was quoting it and wrote it down on a scrap peice of paper! Wow! Primus said she was clever. I told her after church that she was a cheater! Just another lesson on the sin nature we passed down to our kids. I think our kid's sin nature mostly comes from the Sinclair genes though. (haha!! jk!) I don't think she will ever do that again!
I was thankful to climb the hill back to Bambili. It is so much cooler here! We enjoyed a relaxing evening as a family and are about to head to bed. We are all heading to moral instruction classes with Ben tomorrow. After Ben teaches we head to Mbingo hospital. Drew has an eye appointment and we are going to get a tetanus shot (pronounced Tee-Tah-Noose here) for Emma. We had all the roof construction going on and on Saturday she happened to step on an old nail...probably about 33 years I would rather be safe than sorry. It will be a pain to drag the whole family along, but I think we need to take care of it.
I hope you all had a blessed Sunday as well!!
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  1. Emma is quite the little poser isn't she? She cracks me up. You sure had a good looking bunch of children today. I had a good group in childrens church as well. It was a wonderful Lord's day.

  2. Cute picture! They all look so eager! :) Funny about Kate! She is smart! :) I don't think I would have thought of that! Haha!