Monday, March 29, 2010

Wii Had Fun Today!

Today we had plans to go to Yeiters. They recently got a Wii in a suitcase that they'd sent over and wanted to get together to play. So, the kids flew through school pretty quickly as they were excited to get over there. I made a huge batch of ginger snaps (in my awesome new oven!!!) and we finally left the house at around 3:30. We started Wii-ing around 4 and played a few rounds of Smarty pants. That was a fun game! Of course...I won 2 out of the three games that we played, so of course I'd think it fun! haha! The rest of the crowd that Susan invited arrived around 6 pm and so we fellowshippd and ate dinner until 8:30 p.m. The Needham crew left to head back up to Sabga and we broke out the Wii again. This time Ben and Matt played against one another in a game of bowling. Then we watched Matt and Susan play a game of tennis. After that we watched Matt do a little boxing. Ben wanted to try it out and we were all laughing so hard. He defeated the guy in round 1...and was sweating by the time he was finished. You should have seen him go at it! I love this can see Ben taking a punch and I love Drew to the side with his fists up. He was loving watching the games! He was getting into them too and all the kids were pretty sad that they didn't get to Wii more than they did. We explained that it is a new game and there will be time down the road for everyone to play. :)

Now it is late...and Wii are tired and headed to bed! G'night!
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  1. You guys need one! It is addictive! :) Our kids LOVE it! Glad you had a fun day!

  2. Ok, I guess this is what you will be wanting for Christmas. Looks like fun. I think Drew is having fun just watching. HA HA