Monday, March 15, 2010

Another Evenful Day

Today was a full day. We got up early as a family and headed to Kedjum Kiku Secondary School (not sure of the exact spelling - but you say it like I spelled it). This is a picture of the students lined up outside while Ben is teaching them the story of Ruth. If you look closely you can see him holding up a picture flash card. The kids and I waited in the car right there watching everything. I really wanted to take a picture of all the late students. Sometimes they get whacked with a big stick, but probably because a white man woman (that is what I'm called) and my white man babies (all my kids) were watching, the discipline master didn't beat anyone today. All the late students did have to kneel down in the mud until the moral instruction was finished. After Ben taught, the discipline master wanted the entire family to come up in front of the students. He asked me to say a word. I didn't like that (I''m not a big public speaker) but I just greeted everyone, told them my name, and introduced the children. He seemed satisfied with that (whew!).
From there we went to Mbingo Baptist Hospital. Ben got me all set up with Emma and Drew, gave me money for everything we needed and he headed to teach at MCC Mejong for their chapel. Emma, Drew and I stood around waiting for her tetanus booster. She was really pitiful. I could tell she was SO nervous about getting a shot. She asked me, "Mommy, is getting a shot worse than getting a spanking?" haha! I assured her no, it would be over much faster and was just a pinch. Kind of like getting her ears peirced. :) That seemed to make her feel a little better. She still was really nervous. The nurse finally called us into the room, and she just started crying these huge, pitiful silent tears. Oh man...even I got teary! I just felt so bad for her. Once she saw the needle, the silent tears turned into noisy tears. Not really...but she was scared. She hasn't had a shot in a while! So, I just told her not to look and it was over in a jiffy. I think she was surprised at how easy it was. She was prepared for the worst!
From there we headed straight to the eye clinic. Drew did great. He hates the drops that dilate his eyes as they sting, but he was a trouper and after all was said and done, we learned that his pressure was increased again. Please pray that God would continue to control the pressure in his eyes, and that the combination of drops we use will work properly.
We left there and went to our restaurant for burgers. We ate and went home and I crashed! I was tired. Emma and Faith took a nap too and Kate and Drew quietly watched a movie. Ben spent a good chunk of the afternoon sharing the gospel with a new neighbor of ours, Barnabas. In the evening all the kids sat around in the kitchen with me and we listened to a dramatized version of the Chronicles of Narnia. It is a focus on the family version and was really well done. The kids were mezmerized. So, I'm sure that will be a nightly routine for a while until we can finish the series!
Our family devotions was turned upside down tonight. As we were sitting there working on our memory verse, we see a little baby mouse scurry along the wall of the parlor. EEeeeeeeKK! It was so small, I only got a glimpse and thought it was a big rainy season spider. I would have definitely preferred the spider! That thing vanished in thin air! We all sat staring at the wall on either side of the couch (it had run behind the couch) while Ben went to get our cat. We tore that couch apart figuring it HAD to be in there. Nothing. Patches did manage to catch a lizard though. Oh well...we will set traps and hope it gets caught!! I HATE mice in my house!!!!! There is an interesting story behind this mouse though. The other night Ben was outside talking to Michael and he watched Patches bring in a baby mouse....alive!! Evidently just to play with! Well, the mouse managed to elude Patches. Ben saw it again and tried to get patches to catch the thing and it eluded her once again. Somehow that little booger managed to get inside. It is obviously clever...avoiding death a few times already. I really hope we can catch it!
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  1. What a busy day!! Poor Emma! I'm glad it wasn't that bad for her in the end! :) And we'll be praying for Drew's eyes.

    We found mice in our basement last week...